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Tomorrow may never come”

Writing a Will is often considered to be one of those things in life that we put off until tomorrow, something we say “we will get round to doing after more important things”, but the security and peace of mind that comes from having a professionally drafted Will makes it one of the most significant things that you can do, because that tomorrow may never come.

Having your will prepared is a way to secure your wishes for your loved ones and ensure they are looked after.

There are certain things to think about before you make your will. Even if you use a solicitor, it will help to have thought these things through beforehand.

You should think about what is likely to make up your estate when you die, and how you would like to distribute this. Your estate is everything you own at the time of your death, including your money, possessions, property, animals, shares, pensions, life policies and other types of investments. Most people think it only includes the property. Before your estate is distributed to your beneficiaries (the people you are leaving things to), all your debts must be paid including funeral expenses then the balance is distributed according to your wishes If you have a will.

Intestacy – when someone dies without leaving a Will

When someone dies without leaving a will then it is the rules of law called Intestacy Rules that would dictate what happens and it is not always what you would have intended. Spouses don’t receive all as this is the general misunderstanding. If you have not appointed Executors who are people that would manage your affairs after your death then only certain category of people can apply to be executors and they may not be the people you want to manage your affairs. Those with children should consider guardianship for minors and those that are not married will need to ensure they have a Will in place as partners do not benefit only spouses do. Unfortunately in our modern society the Wills Act dates back to 1837 and is still quite traditional in that it does not recognise partners unless they are civil registered partners of the same sex. If you have a total estate value of more than £325k then you may need to consider tax planning as your estate could be taxed as much as 40%.

We recommend that you contact us so that we can advise according to your personal circumstances and ensure your Will meets your wishes – because we are Wills and probate solicitors we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you will be getting expert legal advice and the Solicitors Regulation Authority is a security you can rely on as they are our regulating body to ensure we do things right.

Our team of experienced Will Writing and Probate Administration Solicitors and  experts can assist you with any related service, from drafting basic Wills to the administration of estates and gifting property

You may be an Executor to a Will or the closest blood-relative of someone who has died, this will clearly be a difficult time and our lawyers can provide help to deal with their estate.

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