Landlord & Tenant Law

Landlord and Tenant Matters

We regularly come across cases where communication has broken down between tenant and landlord,  where tenants have fallen on hard times and the landlord and tenant relationship is frustrated so that the landlord has no choice but to start proceedings where the end result is eviction.

This is why we always try to encourage landlords that come to us asking for help with problem tenants, particularly cases with rental arrears, to try and engage in dialogue with their tenants and understand the reasons behind the lack of payment.  Sometimes this can be enough to save the professional relationship and work out a payment plan that suits everyone. After all, if a landlord has a tenant who has been in their property for some time and has taken good care of it, it can be more beneficial to be understanding and support the tenant to get back on course than to get rid of them.

However, there are also cases where the tenant just wants something for nothing, or are generally problematic tenants  –  this is where we can help you through the eviction process and provide practical and strategic advice to regain possession of your property so that you can rent it again without losing too much money.  If you are a tenant we can also help claim your deposit back if you are entitled to it and deal with landlords who are trying to evict unnecessarily.  If you are a tenant we can assist with negotiations to agree a payment plan with your landlord in order that you are not evicted and both are happy with the arrangements.  It  is best to tackle the problem as it arises rather than let it escalate which could result in more stress, hassle and  wasted time.